If you need to earn some extra money, then recycling scrap copper is a fantastic way to do so.

Many different metals have a scrap value and can be sold to a recycling center or scrap yard for cash. One of the most valuable metals to scrap is copper.

Copper-based materials are used in a wide variety of products and manufacturing applications. When copper-containing products arrive at the end of their useful life, the copper within can be recycled. More copper being recycled means that less native copper needs to be mined from the earth.

To ensure success in your new scrapping venture, here are some tips:

Tip: Know the Most Profitable Copper Items to Scrap

Once you start scrapping metals, you will start noticing copper in all sorts of places. However, it helps to know the most profitable copper items to scrap. They include:

  • wires
  • pipes
  • plumbing fixtures
  • sinks
  • cookware
  • small electric motors
  • HVAC heat exchangers

In addition, copper roofing materials are also recyclable but may earn a lower price if there is adhesive, tar, or paint contaminating the metal.

Tip: Strip Copper Wires Prior to Recycling

It is important to take the time and make the extra effort to strip copper wires. By removing the insulation cladding from the wire, you purify the copper and will earn more money for it.

Tip: Sell Copper Only When the Market Is High

Just as the price of gasoline fluctuates constantly, so too does the market value of copper and other recyclable metals.

When you want to earn money scrapping, it is important to time your sales to the recycling center with a high point in the market.

While no one can see into the future, by watching the copper market you can see trends and make better choices about when to hold onto your stock and when to sell it. By holding when the market is low and selling when the market is high, you make more money for the same amount of metal.

Tip: Develop Positive Relationships with Local Scrap Yard and Recycling Center Staff

Lastly, it's important to mention that your local recycling center and scrap yard staff are very knowledgeable about metal recycling. By developing a positive working relationship, you will find that the staff members are more willing to assist you and give you additional pointers to make your copper scrapping business successful.

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