You might have never sold much or any copper, and you might not have much experience with selling scrap metal for cash at all. If you've heard of the idea to sell scrap copper, then these are some of the basics that you may want to know.

It Can Be Surprisingly Easy to Find

If you don't already have scrap copper on hand, you might discover that it will be easy to find in junk piles or other places that have scrap metal, since copper wire and other copper items are actually very common. Just make sure that you have permission before hauling and selling scrap copper that doesn't belong to you. Luckily, there are many people who will be more than happy to let you take their scrap copper.

Even Small Pieces of Scrap Are Worth Selling

You don't have to have large pieces of scrap copper in order to visit a recycling facility. Even if you only have smaller pieces of copper, you should know that they add up and are probably worth taking. Plus, you can at least feel good in knowing that you are disposing of the scrap copper in a responsible way, and you might find that hauling in smaller loads of smaller pieces will be easier than hauling bigger loads of scrap copper and other scrap metals anyway.

The Amount You Might Get for Your Copper Could Be Surprising

Many people don't really think it's worth it to go through the hassle of selling scrap copper in the first place, even if they have bigger pieces or a large amount. However, depending on the going rate for copper at the time that you sell it — which can change from day to day — you could actually be pleasantly surprised by how much you will be offered for the scrap copper that you take to a recycling facility. After all, copper is one of the most valuable types of metal that you can sell, and the going rate for it is often pretty high.

Other Types of Metal Can Be Sold, Too

Although there are some recycling facilities that focus primarily on buying scrap copper, many of the companies that pay cash for scrap copper will pay cash for other types of scrap metal, too. Therefore, if you have other scrap metal on hand or if you find other types of scrap metal when sourcing copper, then you should consider taking it along when you sell your copper. Just be aware that other types of metal should be separated from your copper prior to selling. In addition, the price that you will get for other types of metal might not be nearly as high as what you will probably get for copper. 

For more information, contact a service that helps with copper scrap.