Many different metals can be reclaimed and recycled from your business operations, including ferrous metals. Ferrous metals are primarily recycled using different methods that non-ferrous metals. The value of the ferrous metals can also vary, which is why you may want to know about recycling ferrous metals before starting environmentally friendly policies for your business. The following facts are some of the things you will want to know before starting environmentally-friendly policies for your business:

1. Methods of Recycling Ferrous Metals That Can Be More Efficient Than Ore Materials

There are many different methods of recycling ferrous metals that you may want to consider for your business. Often, the process of melting and casting or forging raw ferrous metals is cheaper when done with scrap. This can be a more cost-effective and environmental alternative to traditional ore materials.

2. The Types of Ferrous Metals That Are Found in Business Waste

You can also find many different types of ferrous metals in business waste such as iron, steel, tin, and other materials. These materials are often found in manufacturing operations, but many other industries produce ferrous metal waste. Often, these metals can be recycled in-house to reduce the cost of raw materials used in manufacturing.

3. Separation Methods to Remove Ferrous Metals from Non-Ferrous Scrap

When your business produces a lot of scrap metal and it is all mixed together, the ferrous metals need to be separated to be properly recycled. There are several different ways to separate the ferrous metals from non-ferrous metals, which include using magnets, chemical methods, and mechanical sorting solutions. The easiest solution to separate ferrous metal like steel is to use a magnet.

4. The Value of Different Ferrous Metals and the Cash Resources That Can Put Back into Your Business

The value of different ferrous metal varies. Therefore, you will need to do further separation of the metals that you are recycling. This includes materials like iron and scrap steel materials which can be processed into new products with raw scrap. Some tins and other mixed ferrous metal materials may require more processing to recycling.

These are just a few ferrous metal recycling tips to help your business with establishing environmentally friendly policies for operations. If you have ferrous scrap, contact a local ferrous metal recycling service such as Beartown  Recycling and talk to them about the right solutions for your business to recover resources and reduce costs.