If you're in the process of landscaping your yard, and you'll be using decorative rock, it's time to plan for the delivery. You could haul the rock for yourself, but that will increase your workload. If you have to rent a truck to carry the cargo, it will also add to the cost of your decorative rock.

Instead of dealing with the additional work and cost, have your decorative rock delivered. Here are steps that will help you prepare for the delivery. 

Remove All Obstructions

If you're going to have your decorative rock delivered to your property, the first thing you need to do is remove all obstructions. Parked cars, lawn furniture, and children's outdoor play items can delay the delivery of your rock.

Not only that, but it can increase the risk of accidents and injuries during delivery. To avoid the problems, clear the area before your rock is delivered. 

Designate a Delivery Site

Now that you're going to have landscape rock delivered to your home, make sure you designate a delivery site. You'll want the delivery site to be close to the area where you'll be working but far enough away from your driveway to avoid problems.

If you'll be having your rock off-loaded directly to your landscape area, be sure to have your fabric or plastic ground cover in place prior to delivery. That way, you can begin spreading the rock as soon as it's off-loaded. 

Provide Clear Delivery Instructions

When your rock is delivered, the driver will want to get to work right away. The last thing you want is to make them wait while you provide them with delivery instructions.

To help expedite the process, provide clear delivery instructions in advance. For instance, if there are specific gates that the delivery truck will need to go through, make sure the driver knows about them in advance. Also, if the driver will need to proceed through security gates, make sure that someone is home to ensure access to those areas. 

Keep Your Kids and Pets Inside

If you have pets and young children, keep them inside during the delivery of your decorative landscape rock. Serious injuries can occur when children and pets are allowed to get too close to the delivery trucks or to the rock as it's off-loaded. For maximum protection, keep your kids and pets inside the house until the rock has been delivered and the truck has left the property.

For more information, contact a landscape rock delivery service such as Portland Sand & Gravel Co Inc.