Every vehicle holds between five and eight quarts of oil, and this oil has to be replaced ever so often, but what do you do with the oil that you drain from your vehicle? It is recommended that you recycle your used oil, but motor oil isn't the only kind of oil that you should recycle. In fact, used oil recycling centers recommend that you recycle all types of used oil products. If you plan to recycle whatever oils you have at your home, you are likely to have questions. 

What is considered used oil that should be recycled?

There are multiple types of used oil that should be recycled, from basic used motor oil to used lubricating oils and hydraulic fluids. Oil that should be recycled is any oil that is no longer in its original state because it has been used. Used oil naturally contains contaminants that must be filtered out so the oil is refined and can be repurposed. 

Why is it important to the environment to recycle used oil?

Used oil that is not recycled is actually considered to be an environmental threat because it can pollute the soil and water and cause problems in natural habitats for wildlife and plants when not properly disposed of. Recycled oil can also be reused, which helps combat the high use of crude oil around the planet, which is an ever-growing problem and environmental threat in itself. 

What happens to the recycled oil?

Most used oil can be repurposed as the same product it once was after it goes through a purification process to remove the contaminants and restore the proper viscosity. However, used oils actually get converted into all kinds of different products, from plastics to heating oils and everything in between. Additionally, used oil can be burned to capture the energy that is released in the form of gases. 

Where can you recycle used oil?

If you do not have a used oil recycling center in your location, there are typically other places where you can recycle your oil. Check with local mechanics or oil change services to see if they accept used motor oil. Most of these places handle used oils frequently, so they probably have contact with a recycling company who picks up the used materials. Additionally, some auto parts stores have started accepting used oil for recycling to help combat problems with oil contaminating the environment. 

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