If you have some old laptops laying around that are broken, outdated, or that you simply no longer have a need for, then you don't want to throw them away. Throwing away laptops in your trash will take them straight to the landfill which is not good for the environment. Instead, you should find something to do with them that will be beneficial, either beneficial to you or to someone else. This article will offer you some ideas on some of the many different things you can do with your old laptops.

Factory reset the ones you can

The first thing you want to do is to make sure you factory reset all of the laptops you plan on doing something with. This way, you know that anyone else isn't going to be able to access your personal information because it will have been wiped off of the system. If you have some laptops that you will be parting out, then you can carefully open them and remove the hard drive. Each laptop will have its own protocol with regards to factory resetting them, but you should be able to find all the online information you need in order to do this.

See if local schools could use them

You can call local schools and see if they are in need of any laptops. If they can use them, then you can give them to the schools. They may be able to add them to some of the classrooms that don't have enough, add some more to the library or even use them as loaner laptops to students who don't have their own laptops at home to do their homework with.

See if the local resource center could use them

You can also go down to the local resource center and see if they could use some extra laptops. Resource centers are usually places where people in the area can go in order to take care of things such as creating resumes, looking online for job opportunities, printing things they need to print, doing their annual taxes or taking care of other things they need to do in order to get ahead.

Trade in your laptop

Some places allow you to trade in your laptop for credit to put toward another one. If you could use another laptop, then this may be a good way for you to go.

Recycle your laptop

If you have some laptops that are just not in working condition and you can't think of anything to do with them, then you can recycle them. Some areas even have drop off boxes you can put them in. Or, you may be able to have a shipping label sent to you, so you can send it off without paying for postage.

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