If you recently purchased a small vehicle repair shop that came fully loaded with equipment and a bevy of broken down automobiles and plan on clearing the property and renovating the building so that you can use it to operate a used car sales business and repair service, tackling the task at hand can be achieved with some know-how and elbow grease. The suggestions below will help you.

Choose What To Keep And Dispose Of

The first matter of business that you should handle is choosing what items you wish to keep and which ones to dispose of. Begin outdoors by assessing each of the vehicles. Perhaps, you would like to restore some of the vehicles so that they can be sold when your used car business is up and running. If some of the clunkers have potential and only require a few repairs, plan to hold onto them.

Create a list of the vehicles that you don't wish to keep, including information about models and years. Go inside of the business and assess its contents. If there are pieces of equipment that will come in handy down the road, keep them. If items are salvageable, but you don't have a use for them, list them under the automobiles that you plan on parting with. Rent a dumpster and fill it with garbage or broken items. 

Contact Scrap Metal Dealers

Call scrap metal dealers or a scrap yard in the area to see if the owners are interested in purchasing the vehicles or metal items that you have chosen to get rid of. A salvage shop may offer a transport service, which will save you time and effort if you want to get rid of all of the items as quickly as you can. If you did not receive the titles to the vehicles when you purchased the land and business, let this be known to the owner of the metal business. Some businesses require titles, but there are some who will still purchase vehicles if titles are not available.

Schedule a time for the metal items to be picked up and hauled away. After the cars and additional metal items are assessed, you will be offered compensation. The amount you receive depends upon the owner's individual need for the metal items and the current going rate for metal. 

Clean The Inside And Outside Of The Business And Complete Cosmetic Work

Now that you have emptied the property and inside of the building, provide the building with a thorough cleaning. After disinfecting walls and flooring, think about cosmetic upgrades that will improve the appearance of the building. Fresh coats of paint, new rugs, and wall art are some basic upgrades that will add appeal to the building and will move you one step closer to being ready to open your business.