Businesses that need to get rid of a lot of desktop computers, laptops, copiers, printers, and many consumer electronics will need a dedicated disposal plan. This means taking everything to a recycling container instead of a standard trash container to avoid any fines depending on the local area, or to make sure that local trash collection isn't just leaving your tech trash on the curb. Here are a few commercial trash services options that can help you put your tech garbage in the right place with a more humble and steady set of investments.

Bins And Totes For Interior Recycling Storage

To make recycling easier, your movers and other employees should reduce the amount of work needed to recycle. This means that people shouldn't have to move one or two heavy pieces or a few dozen small pieces in and out of the building. It's a waste of time and energy, and it's usually better to move things in bulk at a safe level.

For this reason, consider getting a few color-coded recycling totes. These hand-carry containers can hold specific computer components, cables, or even scrap metal from computers and other electronics broke down to the part level and stripped of any connected items.

When these totes are full, they can then be carried outside of the building. Arm strength matters, and although you could make an argument for more employees becoming more physically fit to make a 20lb or 40lb container feel like nothing more than an empty handbag, it's good to limit the number of objects stuffed inside a container.

For objects that are higher than what your business asks for at a reasonably-abled level, make sure to get some rolling containers. There are specific trash containers with wheels, or you could get some mail carts if the objects aren't more than about 100lbs or so. You could break the container if you start throwing heavy items into containers that aren't meant for heavy-duty purposes.

Every container has its own hold weight as determined by the manufacturer or vendor. Be sure to ask about the specific containers before throwing the heaviest, most dense items into containers.

Roll-off Containers Have Flexible Disposal Options

One of the best ways to send your recycling materials is to have a roll-off container agreement. These containers can be left on site and used as dumpsters for specific materials, or you can have the container crew service your existing recycling containers.

A major benefit of having roll-off containers on site is being able to toss everything you need in a much bigger space than standard dumpsters. The containers can be wide with low edges for easier deposit, or they may be tall containers with doors that allow people to just walk in and safely place heavy items on the floor.

Contact a commercial trash service professional to discuss your container options and to figure out what methods and container types will work best for your business. To learn more, contact a company like, Curbside DataControl