Fall is almost here. If you want to keep pests away, it's time to take matters into your own hands. As soon as the weather cools down, roaches, mice, and even squirrels are going to start looking for warmer living arrangements. It doesn't take much for your home to become the perfect target for their new winter quarters. However, if you take a proactive approach, you can stop them in their tracks. Here's a three-step approach to prevent pests from encroaching on your living space.

Plan for Trash Removal

One way to start is with a dumpster. Renting a dumpster from a local trash hauling service will help you get rid of the things in your home and yard, that are going to create a welcoming environment for every pest in the neighborhood. If you haven't looked around your home and yard lately, you might be surprised at the amount of clutter you've accumulated over the year. Unfortunately, that clutter will provide ample nesting material for all types of pests, including the roaches, mice, and squirrels that might come calling. To keep the pests away, rent a dumpster. Getting rid of the trash will go along way towards pest-proofing your home this fall.

Spend Some Time on the Cupboards

While you're busy clearing the clutter, you should also spend some time on your cabinets. You might not realize this, but your cupboards can create a welcoming environment for roaches and mice, especially if they haven't been cleaned out in a while. Before summer is over, spend some time getting rid of open food containers, especially those that contain dry food such as cereal or crackers. If you see cracks or holes that pests could crawl through, get those sealed up before the weather turns cold.

Do Some Waterproofing

If you thought waterproofing was just for reducing your flood risks, you're not entirely correct. Waterproofing your home will also help keep pests away this fall. You see, pests need three things during the cold months. First, they need a warm place to live. Second, they need a good supply of food. Third, they need access to moisture. If you've got pipes that are leaking or inadequate drainage around your home, you're going to have a moisture problem, which is going to encourage pest activity. Keep the pests away by repairing the leaky pipes and waterproofing your home. You'll prevent water damage and pest infestations.

Don't get stuck with unwanted guests. This three-step process will help you keep the pests away.