Recycling as much as possible is a great way to cut down on consumer waste. Almost everything in your home is recyclable if you know where to look.

Paper, Plastics, Metals, Glass

You probably already have bins outside of your home for recycling paper, plastics, metals, and glass. They may have designated what types of products you can throw in. Plastic recyclers, especially, may have some restrictions on what types of plastic they accept. The thing is, whatever your current recycling team doesn't accept, there is probably someone who will accept it. Even plastic bags can be collected and recycled by the right facility. 

Caustic Items

You may have heard to never throw away batteries, because they have the tendency to leak toxic and potentially dangerous substances. The same is often set of printer toner cartridges. Some electronics recycling facilities will accept batteries as well, to dispose of them properly. Your toner company might have a program that allows you to ship empty cartridges back to them so that they can recycle them correctly and safely too. 


There are specialized electronics recycling teams who can handle old laptops, VCRs and other gadgets. One good reason to take your items to these people is that they have the capability to wipe hard drives or destroy them so that someone else won't get your data. Sometimes old electronics can be saved, and other times they are repurposed or parts of them are installed on other computers. 


Appliances can be recycled through dedicate appliance recycling facilities. There are major some perks to this. They can help you pick up heavier appliances, such as old dryers, for delivery to their facility. Some appliances can be worth a good amount of money, too; the larger appliances contain a lot of scrap metal that can be reused for other appliances and machinery. Appliance recycling is one of the most valuable types of recycling you can do. 

Building Materials 

Believe it or not, a lot of building materials are recyclable. For example, tiles on your roof may have come from another building project. If you decide to get rid of them, they can be repurposed again and formed into new building tiles. Scrap wood is another valuable thing to recycle. So, before you get rid of construction waste, contact a local reuse construction team to see if they have any need for your building materials.