While Canada's waste production has increased over the years, StatCan.gc.ca says that between 2000 and 2004, recycling efforts kept two-thirds of that waste from landfills. If you want to improve your recycling efforts, you may want to start with your beverage containers.

Throwing away your bottles and cans is akin to throwing away money. You have already paid for your beverages, so don't forget to recoup your costs by recycling them at bottle returns--like Sur-Del Bottle DepotHere are a few ways to make extra money recycling bottles and cans without a lot of hassle.

Find Can and Bottle Sources

While you may just be collecting bottles at home from regular family usage, there are other avenues that may be more profitable:

Your place of employment

Talk with your supervisor about starting a green program throughout the office. Volunteer to collect cans and bottles at the end of the day from the recycling bin in the cafeteria or break room. Some recycling facilities actually encourage companies to do bottle drives or recycling efforts for charity.

At concerts and outdoor music festivals

This is a way to collect a lot of cans quickly. Bring a trash bag and gloves with you to pick up cans and bottles when the event is over.

At Parties

Stick around until the party ends then offer to help your host clean up. You'll end up with a good amount of beverage containers and your host will be grateful for the extra help.


Depending on the province you live in and the type of container you recycle, you can make anywhere from 5 cents to a loonie for each one. Here are a list of the different types of places that will redeem your bottle deposit:


Depots are non-profit recycling centers that are set-up by your local community or government.

Redemption Centers

Redemption centers are small businesses that have contracts with dealers. They will pay you the face value of the bottle deposit just like other places where recycling can be returned for money. To make payment easier at these facilities, make sure all of your cans are completely empty and rinsed out.

Beer Stores

Beer stores will not only take your bottles and cans back and pay you the deposit money, they also take all other containers to be recycled as well.


Now that you have a bit of free income coming in every week, you have some money to play with. Open up a savings account for your bottle money and deposit the cash you make from recycling every week. After you have a little nest egg, invest the money in a certificate of deposit that has a nice return rate that will mature in a set number of years. If you consider your bottle and can money as an investment opportunity, you'll be amazed at how all of those nickels and dimes can snowball into an impressive sum of money.